A podcast about why millennials are so anxious,
and what we can do to solve it.

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Latest Episodes

12. If You Can’t Pee There, You Can’t Be There

Living while millennial is hard at the best of times – but imagine if you had an impairment that stopped you participating in ordinary life. This episode we speak to Sara Gingold, disability activist and consult, about the experience of young people living with a disability in a country that doesn’t cater for their needs and sometimes doesn’t even believe in their disability.

11. The Big Gay Episode

Friend of the pod, Simon Copland rejoins us to talk identity politics, queer spaces, and what a powerful, unbridled campaign for equal love can do to quash homophobia and enhance the rights of everyone in the LGBTIQA+ community.

10. Actual, Real, Goddamn Nazis

The election of Donald Trump and the sudden prominence of white nationalists organising in the streets has caught many people by surprise. But for people of colour, racism has been a part of their daily experience of the world their entire lives.

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