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A podcast about why millennials are so anxious,
and what we can do to solve it.

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Latest Episodes

9. What We’ve Learned So Far

We’re halfway through this 2017 nightmare so we’re looking back at what we’ve learned so far, examining a few more issues of anxiety that have arisen for young people, like “attacks” on free speech and a moment of hope thanks to our best boy’s UK Election result.

8. Reclaim Your Brain From Advertising

Ads are a ubiquitous part of the world we’ve grown up in: they peer at us from billboards, sit next to us on the train and obnoxiously clog up our news feeds. No matter where you look there are ads and it’s only getting worse. You probably find ads annoying, but have you ever stopped to ask what impact all that advertising might be having on your brain? Because it turns out it’s probably not good for you.

7. So You’ve Inherited The Apocalypse

Are you anxious because you feel like the world is ending? Well the good news you aren’t crazy and it definitely is. In fact scientists confirm that all the predictions of a fiery climate change apocalypse are being realised promptly ahead of schedule! And you can thank the fossil fuel industry and years of political inaction for that one. But there is hope. Cop a listen to find out how we can burn down the system and save our future.

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